Friday, May 8, 2020

Ramifications of our Governments reaction to COVID-19 5/8/2020

Before I start into the topic at hand I want to touch on some of my family history. My great grandfather on my fathers side came to the US from the UK in the 1950's-1960's. He was in WW1 and served in the United Kingdom. When he arrived here in the US he moved to El Monte and purchased a small motel there which didn't amount to much and he eventually sold and moved on to retirement. My great grandfather on my mother's side had no military background and was born here in the US and moved from Ohio to California in the mid 50's when my mother was just a child. He decided real estate was a way to achieve financial stability. Coming from a restaurateur background he was fairly uneducated in real estate as he was an owner of a food service business prior to his mortgaging his home and purchasing a 1920's commercial building in the Inland Empire. He began with that commercial building and went on to accumulating several apartment complexes as well as several rental homes. When he passed my grandfather on my mothers sided, who came from an engineer background at Carnegie Steel in Ohio and migrated to Kaiser Steel here in California, he took over a large real estate empire which was largely in debt. He honed a business model that would allow him to pay off the debt within 15-20 years, which he utilized to achieve his goal. After his passing I took on the family business and at the beginning great depression era of 2008, which was actually beginning to show signs of cracks in the foundation around 2006 and lasted up to 2019 was brought on my the events of 911 and George Bush's decision to take us into a war which would last until almost the end of the Obama era of 2017. Of which the US never fully recovered/retracted its forces from the middle east. 3/15/2020 - COVID-19... I foresaw this being a much worse economic situation than the one we had in 2006-2012 and up to our final recovery in 2019. I began experiencing this pandemic with my own theories including the virus having been used as a biological weapon on the world by the Chinese government. My theory included various man-made strains of this COVID-19 being tested on it's own people and eventually being sent on to Italy, New York and other areas of the world. The reason for COVID-19 variants by location. I began with the understanding that when this pandemic subsided and even before it would bring anger, financial ruins and effect every aspect of normal life as we knew it. I understood when all was said and done we the effected would be looking for retribution/retaliation and a war with those responsible is inevitable. Stocks plummeted, jobs vanished, our government set up funding for all effected and not all received funding. Many bailouts were granted to airlines as well. It was the start of a dominoes falling down effect which I believe we won't recover from for 10-15 years to come as we haven't fully realized the magnitude of these gathered events, and will not even begin to fathom how deep it runs for months to come, not until government money runs out, renters are eventually evicted, banks begin to foreclose and the 30% jobless begin to see their lives fall apart one eviction at a time, one foreclosure at a time. 5/8/2020 California begins to "re-open" from the pandemic. Let me begin by stating "re-open" to our Governor looks almost exactly like the shut-down. Curbside pick-up, no dinning in restaurants, no socializing and no close quarters businesses allowed to operate. Opening up with curbside pick-up doesn't allow for financial gain. Shoppers have been shopping online and shipping many items since the beginning of this all and even before as we are an eBay and Amazon generation. So, there isn't any impulse buying in the same way we would entering a store and browsing around. Masks must be worn by shoppers as well as employees at all times, summer is approaching and its now 89-95 degrees outside on any given day, so masks make it almost impossible to breathe normally and show in an enjoyable manner. This will ensure the ongoing financial effects of this pandemic. I'll post again in a few months, I've positioned my stocks now I'm onto arranging financing the new wave of investments to come.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Newsome & Trump 2020 two men who love to hear themselves speak...

Newsome actually looks like he’s been smoking blunts all day long, bloodshot eyes, he seems twitchy, full of himself, as if he’s talking to himself in code and having a full on enjoyable vague conversation. I’m sorry I just can’t stand where this country has gone to. I’ve wanted out since 2004. People say good riddance, what’s keeping you. It’s a circle of slavery that starts with real estate, taxes, properties, taxes, insurance, taxes. Simple, can’t sell properties when no one has a job, which has happened 2X in the past 15 years. We are either at war with another country to serve or governments agendas or were being bankrupt by our economic situations created by government. If no one believes in a falsely prospering economy, then we all stop spending. This time they’ve forced us into this recession. I’m so over allegiance to any left or right politician feeding us their lies. Here we are because of China and Trump. If I didn’t see the medley of idiotic speeches and all the lies Trump’s told on camera then I’d probably just keep plugging along waiting for retirement in another country. Why aren’t we doing what other countries are to kill the virus like spraying public areas with whatever disinfectant they are using, and... if Trump had a real plan to get us back to work, not just sending us a check for $1200 so we can choose what bill we pay with it for what month, then I wouldn’t be ranting about this situation. But what I see is a guy full of lies, spewing to anyone who will listen and a trove of mindless followers who want to pledge allegiance to the Trump for which he stands, indivisible, under God. For liberty and justice for some.

Monday, April 6, 2020

COVID-19 April 6th, 2020

We are living the new normal... Life will probably never be exactly as it were before COVID-19... until, we find a cure and prepare for the next bio weapon which will be used on the world. Think about what I’m about to write below everyone... I’m sure many others have thought as I do, yet most are scrambling to normalize their households in a confined/shutdown environment which lacks the basic comforts of toilet paper, wipes, cleaners, milk, eggs and basic needs let alone some are lacking money and or feeling ill. Therefore at times its hard to think past the issue immediately at hand. We are now being forced to get through this crisis and get used to possibly having to live and work in a world which has cycles of COVID-19 present possibly at all times. This isn’t just a week or two more, a month or a year. This is a cycle which starts, peaks and ends at different times for everyone who is exposed and may become exposed at different times during the existence of COVID-19. Our governments want us to believe this is something that lasts a week, two, three - a month! Yet in reality this isn’t a single cycle of virus 🦠, with everyone at the same timeline of virus exposure. This is an ongoing timeframe of infections as long as COVID-19 exists. The only thing which can change this is praying for our scientists to find a cure for this virus and our scientists working hard for a cure for every future biological weapon used on the world/US. Until then we must eventually go back to work when government tell us it’s “safe” knowing COVID-19 is all around us and not just a season, it’s a virus with different timeframes/cycles. Not everyone was or will be exposed to this thing at the same time and at many times COVID-19 goes unknown until it’s festered for 1,2,3 weeks! So as not everyone is staying home, and is exposed at different times unknowingly, as they continue to go out shopping, to see doctors, to get gas, and those who working in “essential businesses” they and those continue to spread this virus unknowingly at many different times as they will continue to go about daily life when we are told it’s “safe” now. This isn’t a cycle, it’s now a way of life with hundreds , thousands, millions, billions of different timeframes of cycles. Pray we find a vaccine, antidote, cure. I don’t want to depress anyone, there’s no reason to be depressed until it’s upon any of us. Stay optimistic but be safe and when we are told it’s now “Safe” to continue life as it were again, cover your nose/mouth when you do go out with a makeshift mask, scarf, anything that prevents projectile of breath, saliva or mucus. We are going to get through this, I believe this with all my heart! Speaking to those in denial, those who are careless by going out without masks and coming back home to their children, spouses, parents, grandparents with their outside clothing and shoes on and living with potential virus on/in their clothing and shoes, hair and skin in their homes, those not showering immediately after being outside around areas which might have been exposed to the virus, you are gambling with everyone else’s health, not just your own. Please think about this. Initially I felt this unbelievable, unreal. Now it’s very real, it’s surreal, but deadly real.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Monday, May 18, 2015

Friends and Family

Life is composed of a handful of the above. None which truly appreciate that which they've been given. Eyes wide shut. As we all spin to our demise. Leaving emptiness in our wake. A trail of illusion, a history of infliction. As heirs to a purposeless exsistence. Surviving nothing, we all expire.

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger?

What doesn't kill you makes you weaker, scared and leaves you compromised with the potential for tear, breakage and eventually total collapse. It's just a matter of timing. Everyone has their volunerable spot. Unless that weakness (tenderness) becomes calloused by repeat injury and neglect. At which time you've essentially shattered into a billion of painfull shards, leaving you numb to the overload of suffering which you've endured without mercy.

Friday, May 8, 2015

America - Delusions of Grandeur

Do you live in America?  I'm going to start by simply throwing a multitude of questions at you...

1. Thinking about the social encounters as an "American", have you experienced a life with friends and family; full of thoughtfulness, understanding, consideration and such?  Have you ever felt as if you've been put "first"?  Meaning; in a time of need were you treated as if you mattered?  Either by a friend or relative who actually listened to your rants and or actually sincerely cared about your circumstance in which you needed a kind gesture of love and understanding?

2. Have you ever been given another's place in line?  Had someone give up their "right away" in consideration of you?  Ever been held dear with a simple and kind flick of the tongue?  Had overwhelmingly heartfelt warmth placed upon your shoulders in a time of need and a meaningful glare into your soul having known you've been understood?

3. When was the last time you were validated as having value to another's life? 

4. Do you now or have you ever felt truly appreciated?

5. Have you ever given back to another any of the above?

America... You've been taught, no branded with the understanding since birth that you live in the greatest country of all the world, you've been graced by "God".  Favored by chance, circumstance.  Given the greatest opportunity to success and live a full life of freedom.  Freedom to live your life as you choose, within the guidelines of morality, governed by Government.  Choice is your choice.  Choose freedom, choose incarseration.  Choose what you choose, suit yourself, you are entitled to it!  

Pay your taxes; income, property, sales, resale, special assessments, road and school bonds, fees and penalties, realestate sales taxes, real estate purchase taxes, vehicle purchase taxes, vehicle sales taxes, DMV taxes and fees, government imposed financial institution fees and taxes.  Government imposed utility fees and taxes.  Government imposed hidden fees and taxes rolled into fixed charges hidden everywhere.  IRS penalties and interest penalties.  Income bracket penalties.  Business income penalties.  Government imposed vehicle and medical insurance.  As well as insurance to protect you from insurance companies attempting to take the rest of what's left after your done paying taxes upon taxes, upon taxes.  

Work hard, work long, work day after day.  Until you are physically or mentally unable to do so any longer.  Or choose to let others work, while you live off  Government handouts, it's not glamourious or comfortable, unless your clever enough to find hidden loopholes and break the law within the law, or simply break the law and get away with it, as many do here in America.

Live with honor and conviction, or live without.  Live for tomorrow or live for today.  Live a life or live for life.  Exist or persist.  Abide by the rules, bend them or change them, it's entirely up to you.  Play the game or be the game.  

Read the printed word, or write down your own words for another to ingest and conform to.  Believe what you read or read what you believe.

America, land of freedom, "one nation under God with liberty and justice for all".  A land of plenty, a land of democracy, a land of hypocrisy.  A land of delusions of grandeur.


A purpose found fulfillment completeness enjoyment contemplating voids adored appreciated searching yearning unknown deep sadness remembering past vacancies broken forsaken wondering wandering soul searching finding nothing right wrong good evil blurred lines grey areas why? all for not? life goes on until it doesn't reincarnation? cease to exist? does anything really matter? will I leave a stain? purposefull exsistence? remember they shall? man of honor? just and kind? man of anger? man of doubt? man of purpose? man of clout? man few and far between? or man without?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BirchBox February 2015 unboxing

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

God's "Perfect Timing"

What do you do when life hits you hard, over and over again?
Do you double over?
Fall down and lie there?
Or... Do you punch back?
Do you pray?
Or... Do you blame God?
Do you give up?
Or... Do you give it your all?
Do you believe in "God's perfect timing"?
Or... Believe God is a spectator in this world?
Why do so many horrible things happen to good people?
Even those who profess to be religious and continually pray to "God"?

Here's to those who believe in "God's perfect timing".  I don't.  I refuse to believe my/a God wants those of us waiting for His "perfect timing" and thus "suffering" in doing so, to continue to wait for him to intervievne.  My God doesn't manipulate those in this world, he allows free will in man, and thus, bad timing happens/occurs.

These bad things in our world that take place in our lives, are not God's plan, not God's timing, it has NOTHING to do with God.  

God doesn't want his children to suffer.  And that's exactly what all his children are doing in one way or another in so many different situations in our lives going wrong these days, so many catastrophes! Some work our for the best in the long run, and some are simply "are what they are", (which is a term I actually hate!).  God bless our world!  Pray for our people who live in this world to become compassionate toward one another and begin to see their self centered ways.  Pray for acceptance of the difference in our religions/faiths, acceptance of our different skin colors, acceptance of our different cultures.  PRAY.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

I like this topic! Yep, if someone calls themselves a Christian, they better do their best to convey love and respect for others and attempt to show them the "love of God" through acceptance and respect.Christian doesn't mean perfect! Doesn't mean hypocrite or we are to judge "others".

Christian means you change their lives and show them where they are lacking God in their lives through acceptance and love. 

God would never turn his back on his own creations, shun them away or reject them, pushing them farther and farther away. Not a great way to show the world what it means to be "Christian" especially when you are supposed to represent God's love.

God is love, love thy enemy. Don't love the sin, don't succumb to sin, judgement of others is actually a sin!  "Judgement is mine sayeth The Lord", and definitely never judge another as if "Christian" means perfect and every right to!

Its sometimes almost impossible to be a good Christian.  I find it very difficult on a weekly basis.

However that's okay, because I know God created EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and he forgives us for our sins if we ask and have a true heart.  However, we need to try to be the best representation we can be from there on!  We are human so we stumble, we fall, however, we are his creations, and we should know internally where our boundaries lie.

And its okay to be me... just as long as I remember whats right and whats wrong.  I find it very hard to love thy neighbor at times, there are so many evil influences in this world and so many selfish and disrespectful attitudes (selfish).  All we can do is our best.  

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever believeth in him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life!  For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, forever.  Amen.  God bless.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Forget everything else I have ever wrote... forget about me entirely! I'm sure you already have... there are few things in life that truly matter, and at this stage in my life there is only "ONE" for me!

My life changed on April 17, 2013.

This is all you actually need to know; "I now have an entirely different perspective on life all together".

However, I'll elaborate a bit more...

Some say God has changed them, some claim to be "Born Again Christian".
Some say a near death experience has altered their way of thinking and viewing the world they exist within.

Some claim to have grown beyond their years and have a vast understanding of the universe we live in though life experiences.

I used to feel my acceptance by others was all important.  I used to feel as if something was missing, and I had no clue what it was.  I used to feel as if I were waiting for something great to happen in my life (other than my wife), something that would make me feel accepted, loved and complete.

I used to have a HUGE void within.  I used to place value on the things which I owned.  I used to collect, and I used to spend money obtaining objects which I had felt I needed to obtain to contribute to my own happiness.

I would lay wake for many nights throughout these last 10 years searching my mind for the point of life itself, asking what I would imagine is God "What is this life, and what purpose does it serve?".

Then... April 17, 2013 I got my answer, my purpose...

And I have to tell you, nothing else matters.

I now live for ONE reason, and I had no idea this would change my entire view of what I want to do with my life.  I always knew I was drawn to helping others and spreading love to them, however, this event has changed my entire life's compass.

I'll bet that many of you already understand what I might be writing about.
And sadly many think they do, however, they do not.

Yet, there are probably many who can not fathom what could change a life so profoundly, that a guy with something to prove, with a huge yearning to leave something behind when he's gone (mark his existence), something to give purpose to his life and to be loved for and accepted by those who do not truly matter, yet, has felt his void was a lack of their acceptance (the world itself, accepting and valuing him).

Take this from a guy who thought he had it all figured out and all he needed was to be loved for his talents and image... I had it all wrong!

There is only one reason for this life and many have that one simple reason taken from them by those of this world or by chance, or circumstance.

If you read this blog and feel you may understand what happened to me April 17, 2013 that turned my life upside down, please... leave a comment here.  I'll return return with the "Answer" in the coming months.

For now, all you really need to know is everything you have felt that you needed, all the "possessions" and the acceptance so many yearn for is a lie you keep reciting to yourself.

The answer you seek is so simple that you wouldn't understand or believe it were the answer unless it has happened to you in a moment of your life which you have become selfless and humbled by the rejection of the world itself.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rob Rowe of the band "Cause & Effect", new CD! Called; Whitewaits "An Elegant Exit"

Rob Rowe - Kickstarter Campaign!  Whitewaits - "An Elegant Exit".

Cause & Effect emerged in the 1990's with "You think you know her" as their chart topping success.
They have been a intricate part of my personal soundtrack of life since then.

Listen to a cover I performed of "Stay" by Cause & Effect HERE

More of their music and their bio HERE
Rob Rowe has written some wonderful lyrics, and along with Keith Milo, they have produced some extremely energetic electronic music as well as some great acoustic performances!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The book is currently on sale for only $4.99!!!!  Download it before the sale ends!  :O)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

JR Richards of Dishwalla - A beautiful end...

One more of the best CD/Downloads in my collection!  Love this guys music!  His vocals are amazing!

A Beautiful End, J.R. Richards
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Sting - If on a winter's night...

One of the best musical purchases I have ever made!  Love this DVD & CD!  A true collection of gems!

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars "If On A Winter's Night" Imaginary Masterpiece!November 1, 2009
This review is from: If On A Winter's Night... (Audio CD)
The photo sparked my curiosity! The description further seduced my soul...

"If on a winter's night" is truly a must have collection of folk and traditional English songs, some of which span from the 14Th century! This collection of song has been personally gathered by Sting himself, most taken from the British Isles. This winter collection is quite intimate, authentic and extremely well done! You will fade into another place and time as you realize an almost dream state, as you relax and absorb each tranquil and at times festive musical masterpiece. This collection is as genuine as the centuries of English and Irish & Scottish tradition/history in which it conjures! Beautifully done Sting! Thank you for straying from the main stream and having the courage to walk that crooked path!If On A Winter's Night...If On A Winter's Night [ Exclusive CD/DVD Deluxe Edition]If On A Winter's Night...

-Richard Peacock
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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Richard Peacock

Richard Peacock


Symbols of Love - a deep, dark & twisted glimpse into my soul. If you don't enjoy the book, I promise I'll un-write it & refund your time!
Author, Artist & Musician ·

"Respect" is something so many have lost these days. "Religion" is something most of us have, yet, we do not respect others. This is key!

If God is love and God created all, does it matter what you believe God looks like? Does it matter if he is Christian, Catholic, Muslim etc.

God is love, do you show love to others who you disagree with on religion? If not, then who are you promoting? Most believe in a God...

It really doesn't matter who was right about the "True God" when it's all over and done. All religious beliefs come from writings...

Books written in different languages, by various nationalities. Are you God enough to say who's right? Do you have the "proof"...

When it comes down to it all any of us have is "Faith" the faith that our religion is right. We could all be wrong, books written by men...

are not proof of God, nor are they proof that any one religious book is absolutely correct over another. Respect others, you may be wrong.

Besides that, you reflect the God you stand in the name of. We can all be God like to one another or Devilish. We have been given "choice".

I respect all religious beliefs, I chose to show God through my love toward others. I am not perfect. Nor are God's creations.

If God created all, then... he created ALL. And evil & disease are not simply a byproduct or effect of "free will". Life is what we make it

For "Tweet" so loved the feed that it gave it's only begotten "Tweet" that whosoever believeth in "Tweet" shall not perish but have...TWEET!

Yeah... I am quite twisted. Not quite sure who made me this way... guess I have to thank the world I live in.

iTunes format...

 Purchase Symbols of Love today, you'll enjoy the book, or I'll un-write it for you! ;O)

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