Monday, April 6, 2020

COVID-19 April 6th, 2020

We are living the new normal... Life will probably never be exactly as it were before COVID-19... until, we find a cure and prepare for the next bio weapon which will be used on the world. Think about what I’m about to write below everyone... I’m sure many others have thought as I do, yet most are scrambling to normalize their households in a confined/shutdown environment which lacks the basic comforts of toilet paper, wipes, cleaners, milk, eggs and basic needs let alone some are lacking money and or feeling ill. Therefore at times its hard to think past the issue immediately at hand. We are now being forced to get through this crisis and get used to possibly having to live and work in a world which has cycles of COVID-19 present possibly at all times. This isn’t just a week or two more, a month or a year. This is a cycle which starts, peaks and ends at different times for everyone who is exposed and may become exposed at different times during the existence of COVID-19. Our governments want us to believe this is something that lasts a week, two, three - a month! Yet in reality this isn’t a single cycle of virus 🦠, with everyone at the same timeline of virus exposure. This is an ongoing timeframe of infections as long as COVID-19 exists. The only thing which can change this is praying for our scientists to find a cure for this virus and our scientists working hard for a cure for every future biological weapon used on the world/US. Until then we must eventually go back to work when government tell us it’s “safe” knowing COVID-19 is all around us and not just a season, it’s a virus with different timeframes/cycles. Not everyone was or will be exposed to this thing at the same time and at many times COVID-19 goes unknown until it’s festered for 1,2,3 weeks! So as not everyone is staying home, and is exposed at different times unknowingly, as they continue to go out shopping, to see doctors, to get gas, and those who working in “essential businesses” they and those continue to spread this virus unknowingly at many different times as they will continue to go about daily life when we are told it’s “safe” now. This isn’t a cycle, it’s now a way of life with hundreds , thousands, millions, billions of different timeframes of cycles. Pray we find a vaccine, antidote, cure. I don’t want to depress anyone, there’s no reason to be depressed until it’s upon any of us. Stay optimistic but be safe and when we are told it’s now “Safe” to continue life as it were again, cover your nose/mouth when you do go out with a makeshift mask, scarf, anything that prevents projectile of breath, saliva or mucus. We are going to get through this, I believe this with all my heart! Speaking to those in denial, those who are careless by going out without masks and coming back home to their children, spouses, parents, grandparents with their outside clothing and shoes on and living with potential virus on/in their clothing and shoes, hair and skin in their homes, those not showering immediately after being outside around areas which might have been exposed to the virus, you are gambling with everyone else’s health, not just your own. Please think about this. Initially I felt this unbelievable, unreal. Now it’s very real, it’s surreal, but deadly real.

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