Friday, May 8, 2015

America - Delusions of Grandeur

Do you live in America?  I'm going to start by simply throwing a multitude of questions at you...

1. Thinking about the social encounters as an "American", have you experienced a life with friends and family; full of thoughtfulness, understanding, consideration and such?  Have you ever felt as if you've been put "first"?  Meaning; in a time of need were you treated as if you mattered?  Either by a friend or relative who actually listened to your rants and or actually sincerely cared about your circumstance in which you needed a kind gesture of love and understanding?

2. Have you ever been given another's place in line?  Had someone give up their "right away" in consideration of you?  Ever been held dear with a simple and kind flick of the tongue?  Had overwhelmingly heartfelt warmth placed upon your shoulders in a time of need and a meaningful glare into your soul having known you've been understood?

3. When was the last time you were validated as having value to another's life? 

4. Do you now or have you ever felt truly appreciated?

5. Have you ever given back to another any of the above?

America... You've been taught, no branded with the understanding since birth that you live in the greatest country of all the world, you've been graced by "God".  Favored by chance, circumstance.  Given the greatest opportunity to success and live a full life of freedom.  Freedom to live your life as you choose, within the guidelines of morality, governed by Government.  Choice is your choice.  Choose freedom, choose incarseration.  Choose what you choose, suit yourself, you are entitled to it!  

Pay your taxes; income, property, sales, resale, special assessments, road and school bonds, fees and penalties, realestate sales taxes, real estate purchase taxes, vehicle purchase taxes, vehicle sales taxes, DMV taxes and fees, government imposed financial institution fees and taxes.  Government imposed utility fees and taxes.  Government imposed hidden fees and taxes rolled into fixed charges hidden everywhere.  IRS penalties and interest penalties.  Income bracket penalties.  Business income penalties.  Government imposed vehicle and medical insurance.  As well as insurance to protect you from insurance companies attempting to take the rest of what's left after your done paying taxes upon taxes, upon taxes.  

Work hard, work long, work day after day.  Until you are physically or mentally unable to do so any longer.  Or choose to let others work, while you live off  Government handouts, it's not glamourious or comfortable, unless your clever enough to find hidden loopholes and break the law within the law, or simply break the law and get away with it, as many do here in America.

Live with honor and conviction, or live without.  Live for tomorrow or live for today.  Live a life or live for life.  Exist or persist.  Abide by the rules, bend them or change them, it's entirely up to you.  Play the game or be the game.  

Read the printed word, or write down your own words for another to ingest and conform to.  Believe what you read or read what you believe.

America, land of freedom, "one nation under God with liberty and justice for all".  A land of plenty, a land of democracy, a land of hypocrisy.  A land of delusions of grandeur.

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