Thursday, February 27, 2014

God's "Perfect Timing"

What do you do when life hits you hard, over and over again?
Do you double over?
Fall down and lie there?
Or... Do you punch back?
Do you pray?
Or... Do you blame God?
Do you give up?
Or... Do you give it your all?
Do you believe in "God's perfect timing"?
Or... Believe God is a spectator in this world?
Why do so many horrible things happen to good people?
Even those who profess to be religious and continually pray to "God"?

Here's to those who believe in "God's perfect timing".  I don't.  I refuse to believe my/a God wants those of us waiting for His "perfect timing" and thus "suffering" in doing so, to continue to wait for him to intervievne.  My God doesn't manipulate those in this world, he allows free will in man, and thus, bad timing happens/occurs.

These bad things in our world that take place in our lives, are not God's plan, not God's timing, it has NOTHING to do with God.  

God doesn't want his children to suffer.  And that's exactly what all his children are doing in one way or another in so many different situations in our lives going wrong these days, so many catastrophes! Some work our for the best in the long run, and some are simply "are what they are", (which is a term I actually hate!).  God bless our world!  Pray for our people who live in this world to become compassionate toward one another and begin to see their self centered ways.  Pray for acceptance of the difference in our religions/faiths, acceptance of our different skin colors, acceptance of our different cultures.  PRAY.

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