Thursday, December 19, 2013

Forget everything else I have ever wrote... forget about me entirely! I'm sure you already have... there are few things in life that truly matter, and at this stage in my life there is only "ONE" for me!

My life changed on April 17, 2013.

This is all you actually need to know; "I now have an entirely different perspective on life all together".

However, I'll elaborate a bit more...

Some say God has changed them, some claim to be "Born Again Christian".
Some say a near death experience has altered their way of thinking and viewing the world they exist within.

Some claim to have grown beyond their years and have a vast understanding of the universe we live in though life experiences.

I used to feel my acceptance by others was all important.  I used to feel as if something was missing, and I had no clue what it was.  I used to feel as if I were waiting for something great to happen in my life (other than my wife), something that would make me feel accepted, loved and complete.

I used to have a HUGE void within.  I used to place value on the things which I owned.  I used to collect, and I used to spend money obtaining objects which I had felt I needed to obtain to contribute to my own happiness.

I would lay wake for many nights throughout these last 10 years searching my mind for the point of life itself, asking what I would imagine is God "What is this life, and what purpose does it serve?".

Then... April 17, 2013 I got my answer, my purpose...

And I have to tell you, nothing else matters.

I now live for ONE reason, and I had no idea this would change my entire view of what I want to do with my life.  I always knew I was drawn to helping others and spreading love to them, however, this event has changed my entire life's compass.

I'll bet that many of you already understand what I might be writing about.
And sadly many think they do, however, they do not.

Yet, there are probably many who can not fathom what could change a life so profoundly, that a guy with something to prove, with a huge yearning to leave something behind when he's gone (mark his existence), something to give purpose to his life and to be loved for and accepted by those who do not truly matter, yet, has felt his void was a lack of their acceptance (the world itself, accepting and valuing him).

Take this from a guy who thought he had it all figured out and all he needed was to be loved for his talents and image... I had it all wrong!

There is only one reason for this life and many have that one simple reason taken from them by those of this world or by chance, or circumstance.

If you read this blog and feel you may understand what happened to me April 17, 2013 that turned my life upside down, please... leave a comment here.  I'll return return with the "Answer" in the coming months.

For now, all you really need to know is everything you have felt that you needed, all the "possessions" and the acceptance so many yearn for is a lie you keep reciting to yourself.

The answer you seek is so simple that you wouldn't understand or believe it were the answer unless it has happened to you in a moment of your life which you have become selfless and humbled by the rejection of the world itself.

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