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Richard Peacock

Richard Peacock


Symbols of Love - a deep, dark & twisted glimpse into my soul. If you don't enjoy the book, I promise I'll un-write it & refund your time!
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"Respect" is something so many have lost these days. "Religion" is something most of us have, yet, we do not respect others. This is key!

If God is love and God created all, does it matter what you believe God looks like? Does it matter if he is Christian, Catholic, Muslim etc.

God is love, do you show love to others who you disagree with on religion? If not, then who are you promoting? Most believe in a God...

It really doesn't matter who was right about the "True God" when it's all over and done. All religious beliefs come from writings...

Books written in different languages, by various nationalities. Are you God enough to say who's right? Do you have the "proof"...

When it comes down to it all any of us have is "Faith" the faith that our religion is right. We could all be wrong, books written by men...

are not proof of God, nor are they proof that any one religious book is absolutely correct over another. Respect others, you may be wrong.

Besides that, you reflect the God you stand in the name of. We can all be God like to one another or Devilish. We have been given "choice".

I respect all religious beliefs, I chose to show God through my love toward others. I am not perfect. Nor are God's creations.

If God created all, then... he created ALL. And evil & disease are not simply a byproduct or effect of "free will". Life is what we make it

For "Tweet" so loved the feed that it gave it's only begotten "Tweet" that whosoever believeth in "Tweet" shall not perish but have...TWEET!

Yeah... I am quite twisted. Not quite sure who made me this way... guess I have to thank the world I live in.

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 Purchase Symbols of Love today, you'll enjoy the book, or I'll un-write it for you! ;O)

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